AudiVax Hearing Loss Reviews – Scam or Guaranteed Results?

Hearing loss is a bigger problem in the United States than you’d think. According to the NIH, one in eight people over 12 suffer from hearing loss in both years. What’s more surprising is that over half of all citizens over 75 have hearing loss, and the rates of this gripe have only been increasing over the past few decades.

Many with hearing loss report feeling isolated and sometimes even unsafe. Getting hearing aids is not an option for everybody since they tend to be expensive and are often cumbersome to use. Not many like the idea of getting cochlear implants, either.

The creators of AudiVax claim to have been looking for a solution to hearing loss for years, and they’ve finally gotten their product to market. The company claims that the supplements are a natural solution to hearing problems and that the medicine has no side effects.

But is all this true? And how well can one expect these all-natural supplements to work?

We’ve broken down everything to know about AudiVax supplements in this post.

Ingredients of AudiVax

AudiVax makes itself stand out from the ocean of products available online by tackling the root of hearing problems using natural ingredients. The supplement includes:

Rhodiola: It is a root that minimizes inflammation in the CNS, thereby helping with hearing. The plant is found in the colder regions of Asia and Europe and has been used in ancient medicine since it first came into existence. Conventionally, the root found its uses in helping those suffering from anxiety and fatigue.

Lemon balm: Per the company’s description, lemon balm is collected from over-ripe lemons and helps improve the oxygen levels in the eardrums. This ingredient is different from the plant in the mint family called “Lemon Balm,” a mild sedative traditionally used to combat stress and infections.

Hawthorn: The results of several studies indicate that hawthorn improves circulation in the body and reduces blood pressure. Healthy blood flow is a must for the ears to function, making this plant ingredient a vital part of the AudiVax formula.

Valerian: The mild sedative helps lessen anxiety and has other neural properties that haven’t received much attention from the science community.

Passionflower: Found in the central and southern parts of America, these flowers have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The extracts of these flowers help the cells and organs responsible for facilitating hearing rest and recovery.

Skullcap: The flowers of these plants are known to provide a massive boost to the filial cells required for hearing. While there are two different species of this plant, both are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile: Best known as a calming tea ingredient, chamomile has been grown for centuries and is used to address a wide range of health problems. It’s a promising anti-inflammatory and also helps reduce pain. It is believed that it can minimize inflammation that can affect hearing.

Ashwagandha: Native to India and parts of Northern America, the plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, research by AudiVax suggests that the plant can strengthen the eardrums and aid in the growth of filial cells.


Can Anybody Take AudiVax?

AudiVax is 100% safe for adults on any kind of medication since its natural ingredients do not interfere with other medications. It is not safe for children.

It’s important to note that there have been no reported cases of the supplement causing any problems when used in conjunction with other medication. But it’s always better to do your due diligence and consult your GP before taking any supplement.

AudiVax Price

AudiVax is only sold on the official website, and you will not find it on third-party websites and eCommerce sites.

AudiVax only manufactures these capsules in a limited quantity since sourcing the highest-quality natural ingredients cost a lot of money. The demand for this supplement is skyrocketing while the production remains low. For this reason, it’s best to purchase a few bottles if you decide to begin using the supplement.

A bottle of AudiVax is available for $69, but if you buy three, you will get them for $59 each and six for $49 each. Shipping is free in the US, but you will need to pay an international shipping fee if you need it delivered elsewhere.

The Take-Away

The 60-day money-back guarantee and the strong research the company backs the supplement with making it an unquestionably powerful supplement.

Its all-natural formula shows a lot of promise to improve hearing loss.

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