VitusPen Reviews – Is Vitus Pen Facial Skin Device Effective or Scam?

The product called VitusPen promises to offer facial rejuvenation without its users having to undergo surgery. According to the manufacturer, VitusPen is a device that beauty salons wouldn’t want men and women to know of because it can help them get back their youthful glow at a very affordable price. According to science, the skin regenerates in the areas where it needs regeneration when the appropriate products are being used. This means deteriorated skin areas can be healed. However, cosmetic treatments that do this are usually too expensive for people who don’t make much money. Luckily, VitusPen promises to be a luxurious treatment for facial rejuvenation that can be done at home and doesn’t even cost much.

How Does VitusPen Work?

With VitusPen, you can thoroughly be moisturized without any adverse side effects! This means the product leaves no marks and can’t cause any skin reaction. In other words, VitusPen helps with skin hydration and tightening, being easily comparable to face rejuvenation spa treatments or surgeries.

And the best news is that anyone can use this weapon against aging-related skin issues. The efficient and non-invasive technology of VitusPen works in cleaning the skin, vitaminizing it, fighting cellulite, boosting blood circulation, and providing many other beauty benefits.

What Can VitusPen Do?

Here’s, in short, what the manufacturer of VitusPen promises their product can do:

  • VitusPen reduces facial aging signs by making the skin smoother
  • Diminishing fine lines, dark spots, and acne scars
  • Promoting collagen production by ensuring the skin is hydrated, even if attacked by external damaging factors such as pollution, sunlight, or cold.
  • Promoting hair growth by helping the scalp regenerate

Vitus Pen’s 800 km/h propeller accelerates the process at which active ingredients in skincare products fix skin problems. This gadget is a very quick, painless, and powerful applicator that helps restore smaller or larger skin areas by applying pressure at four intensity degrees and without leaving any scars or openings of the skin behind.

How to Use VitusPen?

Below are the three steps that should be followed when using VitusPen:

  • Step 1: Inserting the face or hair product that the user has into VitusPen’s small application container
  • Step 2: As soon as the gadget is turned on, set the intensity at which it should do the treatment
  • Step 3: Placing VitusPen over the skin region that you would like to improve visually, then take a seat and relax.

VitusPen FAQ

What types of cosmetics are compatible with the Vitus Pen?

Serums and creams are among the regular cosmetics that VitusPen users might apply.

Does the gadget’s battery take a long time to charge?

VitusPen’s battery charges in about 4 hours.

Is it challenging to use VitusPen?

No, the user should fill the gadget’s small bottle with the cosmetics they usually use. The skin rejuvenation and healing processes should start as soon as VitusPen’s power button and start using the device.

Are there currently any offers on VitusPen?

Yes. In fact, for the time being, VituspPen is available with a 50% launch price discount.

How Much Does VitusPen Cost?

VitusPen can be purchased only from the product’s official website, where it currently comes at the following prices:

  • 1 VitusPen for $105
  • 2 VitusPen for a total of $185 ($92.5 per unit)
  • 3 VitusPen for a total of $235 ($78.33 per unit)
  • 5 VitusPen for a total of $325 ($65 per unit)

Like any other product sold by Ecomerzpro VitusPen is available with a 2-year warranty. Customers can get 1 or 2 years of extra warranty for $5.95 and $9.95. Need more information about the product? Requested it at:

  • support@ecomgroupteam.com
  • +34 936 07 15 65 – English language
  • +34 936 07 15 66 – Lengua Española
  • +34 936 07 15 66 – שפה עברית
  • +34 936 07 15 65 – Langue Française



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