Bruce Stuart Miller | Obituary

Bruce Stuart Miller

April 30, 1936 – Oct 31, 2020

On October 31st, 2020, Bruce

Stuart Miller, husband, father,

grandfather, brother, friend and

colleague, passed away peacefully

and happy in Edmonds, surrounded

by the love of his children at the

age of 84 years. Bruce will be lovingly remembered by his

two children Catherine & Craig, three grandchildren Soren,

Andreas & Sarah and his brother Bill. Bruce’s many, many

friends and colleagues will cherish their memories of happy

times together with him for many years to come.

Bruce Stuart Miller was born in Worcester, Massachusetts

and raised in Iowa City, Iowa together with his three brothers

Curt, Al and Bill. During these years, he was an active athlete.

He went on to study Chemistry and Biology at Grinnell

College and subsequently obtained an MS and Phd in Marine

Sciences from the University of Washington in Seattle. He

taught and researched as a full Professor in the School of

Aquatic & Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington

for 27 years until he retired in 2002. Bruce continued serving

the field he was so passionate about for 18 more years as

Professor Emeritus. His contributions to the field of Marine

Biology are innumerable, but highlighted by his dedication,

love and gratitude for the Friday Harbor Labs on San Juan

Island which, in addition to being his favorite place to work,

was also a fantastic place to raise a family and go scuba

diving. Bruce will continue to influence future generations of

marine scientists through his textbook, ‘Early Life History of

Marine Fishes (2009).’ His true contribution to our world was

his unassuming ability to personally touch and support so

many colleagues, students and people around him. He was a

very caring and compassionate person.

Bruce met his devoted wife, Aase Marie, of 55 years while

they both were working at the UW College of Fisheries in the

early 1960s. After Catherine and Craig came along, they built

a life together near Redmond, Washington. For both of them,

family was the center of their world and they both participated

fully in their children’s growing up years.

Bruce is preceded in death by his wife, Aase Marie.

A private funeral ceremony will be held in early

November. A celebration of Bruce’s life is planned postpandemic.

Donations in Bruce’s name can be made to the

Friday Harbor Labs Discretionary Fund: