Best Psychics Reading Sites Online

Who can predict the future? Such a burning question, yet nobody can tell for sure what the answer is. Undeniably, everyone experiences sleepless nights and disturbing thoughts of what the future holds for them at some point in their lives.

Nonetheless, it seems that every sunrise depicts the beginning of another struggle in life. Will you walk down the aisle with your soulmate? Will you bag that promotion? When will you buy your new car or house? When and how will you die?

With the intrusive and curious nature of the human mind, one ends up with more questions than answers. Because of this uncertainty that keeps burning, most people seek clarity from the best online psychic readers.

While life is not perfect, everyone needs a helping hand to overcome a struggle at a time, if not all of them. Remarkably, a genuine psychic can tell you what you know, provide new information, and even help you avoid danger by making necessary adjustments.

Are you ready for a psychic already? Lucky for you, this extensive guide will provide you with reliable and accurate online psychic sites suitable for your specific needs. Read on.

Why Should You Get An Online Psychic Reading?

Thanks to the internet, it has become effortless to get significant services to better lives, such as energy healing, psychic reading, and other forms of reading. While outgoing people would find it fun to go out looking for a local psychic store, nothing beats connecting with your desired psychic in the comfort of your home. Therefore, online psychics offer many conveniences you could ever want.

Moreover, the same internet allows you to break barriers and seek psychic readings from continents apart. With the world at your fingers, you can connect with every type of psychic reader you desire within your budget to meet your needs. All you need is to find time and shop around to get the one from the thousands available.

Some psychic readers have somewhat creepy stores and even look weird. Because of this odd appearance, most people would find it uncomfortable sitting face-to-face with a psychic reader. Besides, restlessness can even affect the quality of the results from the psychic reading. Hence, it would be better to connect with them via a computer screen which encourages the client to have the freedom and a relaxed mind to express themselves, making accurate predictions.

An online psychic reading also offers a guarantee of your satisfaction. Better still, getting your money back is easy in case you feel unsatisfied. Moreover, some sites even provide free access to another reading to ensure you feel content with their services. Conversely, going to a physical psychic reading shop will get you no refund if you feel discontent with the service.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right person to talk to about the fears and worries of life. While most people suffer financial losses and even the deaths of their loved ones, someone to share the agony will help them in their recovery journey. An online psychic would be the best person to air out all your feelings and fear of being judged because you do not and will never know each other.

Point to note: Psychics can see beyond the understanding of a human being using spiritual powers. This way, they can see your past, present, and future, all to make your life more meaningful and better.

Key Points to Check When Selecting The Best Online Psychics

Similar to other products or services you intend to purchase, you need to consider them before closing the deal. Below are some factors that will help you decide on the best psychic website:

Method of Contact

The extensive reviews of the best psychic websites below show that they offer various ways for clients to connect online with psychics. Commonly, people connect online with their favorable psychics through chat, phone, and video.

Before the conception of internet-based methods, clients used phones to interact with psychics. Sometimes, clients prefer taking time before connecting with the psychics. During this period, they analyze their questions and answer psychics’ follow-up questions to ensure they have the correct details. Therefore, an email from the psychics would be perfect as it allows you to take your time before answering.

Conversely, chatting has become a popular mode of communication with anyone at any time, including your psychic. However, many clients argue that the best psychic readings are only available through video calls. Besides, connecting via a video call with your psychic is the nearest thing to having a face-to-face session over the internet. Undeniably, videos result in a more profound connection between your psychic reader and yourself.

Nonetheless, ensure that you go for a psychic reader that can give you accurate predictions even when they cannot see you. But, it would help to look for a video connection as physical things like your body language, facial expressions, and even your environment can aid in giving them more details and cues while reading you.

Specialties Offered

It is essential to look for psychic websites that offer your preferred service. Luckily, others provide a range of services and not just one like love readings, tarot reading, career advice, and even horoscope reading. Still, some offer little-known specialties like Tik Pan San Sou, feng shui, and Vedic astrology.

Moreover, not always will you find your type of psychic reader available online. In this case, it would be best to look for a site that allows you to place an appointment to connect with your specialist reader when they are available. But, some websites have ongoing services whenever you desire; you only need to ask.

Experience Period

Undoubtedly, years of experience tell more of someone’s qualifications. Usually, psychic abilities are a generational gift hence running down in the same family for many years. You will find that others have existed for over 20 years, lending their reading specialties to happy clients.

Because of this long period, it is evident that their experience is also vast, and they can tell what works best for people in need of psychic services.

Conversely, it is also possible to find shortly experienced psychics with excellent services like those with many years of experience. Even though experience is the best teacher, some psychics have valuable skills but few years of experience. Therefore, it would be best to do thorough research before ignoring excellent services because of their few years in the industry.

Customer Reviews

While experience speaks volumes, customer reviews are an additional factor to consider. As observed above, a psychic reader can have a few years of showcasing their talent but be very valuable to the clients. So, how do you know they are helpful? Go through the customer reviews.

Psychic websites like reading reviews for a product you want to purchase online have customer reviews and ratings. You will better judge the type of psychic reader to connect with from these.

You will also get massive valuable information from the website, including the psychic’s bio and profile. While these are useful in their representations, customers’ reviews give a clearer insight into what to expect from their services. Besides, you will get a slight taste of how your reading will go down when you look through previous customers’ eyes.

Satisfaction Assurance

Nothing beats the feeling of getting value, especially when it concerns sure predictions about your future. Luckily, the below psychic reading sites offer reliable and satisfying predictions.

Even better, they offer up to five minutes full refund of the total cost of your session. Some sites that don’t guarantee their readings will fulfill your needs by allowing you to chat with their advisors. This happens before you spend money on their services to ensure what you get into. Therefore, reviewing the policy for any site you want to sign up for would be best.

The Top 6 Best Psychics Reading Sites in 2022

The handpicked selection below is from a broad market of psychic reading. Rest assured that each free psychic reading online platform features special skills and offers for someone interested in these services. This way, you will achieve accurate and reliable experiences from the best psychic readings. Amidst all your worries and queries about life, sit back and relax, going through the contents of each platform.

  • Keen- Best Affordable And Accurate Psychic Readings
  • Kasamba- Best Online Psychic Advice On Life Guidance (Love And Relationships)
  • AskNow- Best Online Tarot Psychic Readings
  • Psychic Source-Best Psychic Readings On Career And Finances
  • California Psychics- Best Psychic Live Readings
  • Oranum- Best for Psychic Mediums

Keen Psychics

Whatever type of psychic reading you are searching for, Keen Psychics is your last and most favorable stop. This website specializes in various tasks such as numerology, astrology, angel card, dream analysis, and more. Experience is their backbone because it has existed since 1999, serving clients with accurate and trustworthy readings.

In life, it is customary to get stuck in ugly situations just because the signs were not as clear, or maybe you even misread them. Well, worry no more, as you can salvage the problem quickly by visiting the Keen Psychics site. Besides, for the past 22 years of reliable service, their clients have shown nothing but solid trust in their business. So, take a deep breath and go to them.

Apart from serving their endless clients with accurate psychic readings, they also act as pioneers in the industry-leading and guide others on the correct path. Thanks to the digital era, it is easy to connect with Keen psychics via various mediums.

Better still, getting your psychic match on this website is super easy. You should choose your mode of communication from chat, live, and even phone. Ensure you select the most convenient for you at any time without distractions.

Moreover, the website has filters that allow you to select a psychic that suits your budget and availability. This way, you can find your match within the shortest time possible and start your self-discovery journey. However, if your services are below your expectation, you can always ask for your total refund.

Nonetheless, rest assured that Keen Psychics provides skilled psychics that will ensure you return anytime life gives you a blow you feel you can’t survive. Even better, you will not have any interaction with scammers on the site. Each psychic expert online has a labeled page with their bio, which you can access and read through quickly for their experience and level of expertise while looking for your match. You will also view their customer reviews and ratings while doing your research.

Last but not least, the Keen Psychics website features a user-friendly interface. Therefore, new and existing customers will breeze in acquiring their preferred services and special deals every time they log in.

Special Deals

Remarkably, a first-time user can enjoy a 3-minute free psychic reading online. This deal means new users can gain the first 3-minutes free of their first psychic reading connection. Subsequently, you can continue with the 10-minute session paying just $1.99 per minute. How’s that for a super deal?

Why Should You Choose Keen Psychics

  • Free 3-minutes off the first psychic reading 10-minute session
  • Experts and experienced psychics ready to meet your needs
  • Constant availability on phone, video, and chat
  • Trustworthy and accurate predictions
  • Affordable psychic reading services
  • User-friendly platform for more accessible communication and matching
  • Scam-free platform with designated expert profiles
  • Various psychic readings
  • Secure payment and money-back policy
  • Client privacy upheld



Among the names on the top of the list for the best psychics online, Kasamba will appear. Undoubtedly, the renowned psychic reading pioneer comprises over 4 million people in its community. This is because of their clients’ excellent services based on reliability and accuracy for more than 20 decades since 1999.

One thing that puts people on their worst days is the uncertainty of love life and relationships in general. You want to be sure if the person you are seeing is your soul mate at the end of it’s just a waste of time or a toxic relationship. While dealing with these times is hard, Kasamba psychics assure you that you don’t have to be alone.

Kasamba psychic reading experts will offer reliable guidance on your life, which takes off the load from your shoulders. It is also essential to know that many clients have put their 100% trust these accurate psychic readings online to have a better life.

Moreover, the website does not tolerate any hidden agenda; hence, it makes all the necessary details visible in the profiles of all its psychic readers. This way, it works both ways for the readers and clients to achieve a win-win situation whereby there’s a well-informed decision and earned trust. Besides, there’s no way a client will likely shy away from a reader who has everything in the open to enable a better connection.

So, whenever challenges come knocking at your door, Kasamba offers 24/7 services. You can opt to connect with your preferred reader or advisor through a live or video chat option. But if your reader is unavailable in your moment of need, do not panic or give up. This website allows you to schedule a session for another reading when convenient.

Remarkably, Kasamba has a mobile app accessible to users on Android and iOS so that you can connect anytime, anywhere. Even better, the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially for new clients.

Also, the website makes all the customer reviews and ratings visible to anyone. You will find uncountable positive reviews from clients who got accurate readings on their relationships. This builds the confidence of new customers and pushes them to sign up with high expectations.

When dealing online, your privacy is crucial. Luckily, Kasamba offers complete privacy protection assuring you of no data leaking to the public. So, even your partner will not know you visited Kasamba to inquire about your relationship worries.

Furthermore, registering for Kasamba does not feel like going through an FBI interview. The website only requires new users to fill in limited information. Even better, your psychic readers of choice will not have access to any data; hence there’s complete anonymity. Go ahead, sign up, and discuss your worries and fears without hesitation.

Special Deals

With Kasamba, customer satisfaction is the main objective. First, new clients get an offer of 3 minutes free on the first session with a new advisor. On top of this, new Kasamba customers also get a 50% discount on their first session. But if a new customer shows discontent with their first psychic reading, the website provides the option of requesting a full refund.

Why Should You Choose Kasamba?

  • Free 3-minute offer with every new advisor for new customers
  • Reliable, qualified, and experienced online psychics
  • 100% secure payments
  • 24/7 consultation
  • 100% accurate and trustworthy predictions
  • 50% discount on new customer’s first session
  • Affordable services from $1 per minute
  • Full money-back policy
  • Mobile app for live chat service on both Android and iOS
  • Variety of top psychic reading services
  • Online privacy and anonymity upheld



In this online psychic reading industry, AskNow has impressed and satisfied its clients with top-notch psychic services since 2005. AskNow gives home to many psychic readers with different specialties bearing experience of between 30-35 years.

Undeniably, settling on the perfect psychic reader for your needs is like finding a nail from a haystack. As a new customer, you can spend a lot of time on the internet searching and vetting different readers’ profiles in search of an ideal and qualified match.

And even worse, you can find a supposed perfect match but don’t know how the first psychic reading online session will turn out.

Fortunately, the entire process is more straightforward with AskNow. Advanced search filters help you find exactly what you are looking for. Even better, a support team is around the clock to assist you when you feel stuck or with anything you might require.

With AskNow, you will get reliable psychic advice on love, career, finance, future predictions, and even tarot card reading. Besides, some advisors offer spiritual guidance besides numerology, dream analysis, astrology, and past life insights.

Because clients are different, AskNow offers easy communication modes with their psychics. Some people are naturally shy, so opening up about their life’s concerns can be challenging even to psychic offering assistance. So, AskNow provides a live chat option with their desired psychic and even phone consultation for free psychic reading online.

AskNow also provides total transparency as a way of accomplishing customer satisfaction. Therefore, customers will browse profiles and bios to review suitable psychic advisors. It is easy to analyze all the profiles using various criteria, such as their experience, qualification, availability, customer satisfaction, price, and more.

Still, psychic readers come in 3 different categories of; Master Advisors, Elite Advisors, and Top-Rated Advisors. Piece of cake procedure for a better future!

Special Deals

The objective of AskNow is to offer reliable and accurate services to everyone who wants a better meaning of life and hence provide affordable rates.

Therefore, new customers will pay only $10 to enjoy a psychic reading trial for as long as 15 minutes. The affordable rates include 30 minutes for just $1 per minute for new customers. Still, you get a discount of free 5-minutes with one of their master advisors.

Why Should You Choose AskNow?

  • 15-minute trial reading for just $10
  • Free 5-minutes trial with Master Advisors
  • Complete transparency on readers’ profiles and portfolios
  • Reliable and True psychic reading
  • Consistent availability of advisors
  • Straightforward advanced search on the website
  • Easy to communicate mode via phone and chat
  • Convenient mobile app

Psychic Source


Psychic Source has been in the industry for over 30 years since 1989, giving reliable psychic reading services to customers. This online platform provides excellent services on psychic reading, future forecasts, tarot readings, love psychics, dream analysis, counseling, horoscopes, and more for its international customers worldwide.

Psychic Source is among the key players with remarkable psychic reading services in the current industry. So, whenever the going gets tough, turn to Psychic Source for a helping hand and guidance to get through.

The impressive psychic advisors’ portfolio is one outstanding feature that stands unbeatable in the Psychic Source. This website takes pride in owning among the best, a most experienced, and most qualified panel of psychic readers, offering clients world-class results.

Moreover, the Psychic Source team is famous for its warm and inviting nature that spreads empathy to their customers every time they reach out (if only a welcoming cup of coffee was possible online). Psychic Source’s main agenda is customer satisfaction to the extent of the clients trusting them with their problems, worries, fears, and even secrets in life. Besides, how else can you help someone if you do not get the truth from them?

Your friends at Psychic Source understand how it feels to experience depression and anxiety more than anyone else, thus qualified to get you out of the situation. Therefore, the psychic readers on this platform go through a careful and thorough vetting selection process that ensures no service quality compromise. So, you can be sure of having no encounter with scammers while searching for your preferred advisor.

Moreover, Psychic Source provides round-the-clock services to all its customers to enable total satisfaction.

Apart from reliable and accurate psychic readings, this platform also has experts who offer spiritual healing and soul-cleansing beyond human understanding. So, if you are experiencing endless nightmares and cannot find a solution, start at Psychic Source!

Special Deals

You will find the best offers and free psychics at Psychic Source. There’s a free 3-minutes trial session from your preferred psychic. Also, all new customers avail of up to 75% discount on their first session. This makes it extremely easy and enticing for them to register for more sessions at Psychic Source to change their bleak future to something worth living for.

You can be sure that a new customer will not want to leave Psychic Source, hence keeps coming back for more. Their affordability and top-quality services make Psychic Source a helping hand for everyone who wants to seek psychic reading online services. The first session costs just $0.66 per minute to understand what affordable means at Psychic Source. This is after you have had your first 3-minutes completely free.

Why Should You Choose Psychic Source?

  • The long-term worth of experience in the online psychic reading
  • Free first 3-minutes during the first session
  • Consistent online customer service support
  • Phone, live chat, and video call communication mode
  • Accurate and reliable different types of predictions
  • 75% special offer for first-time customers
  • Experts and qualified psychics on other services
  • Top-rated separate advisor profiles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extremely affordable
  • Safe personal data like emails, names, and credit card details
  • Connects you to psychics from all over the world
  • Offers full refund policy

California Psychics


Even though the future is a mystery to all of us, California Psychics can give you insights into what yours holds. The company has been guiding and helping its clients in different walks of life since the beginning of the 90s. Remarkably, their website provides a home of warmth and light for different categories of people worldwide as long as you consult with them.

California Psychics upholds its credibility with utmost seriousness. They have created a solid workforce with skilled psychic readers using considerable thought and effort. Because customers want accurate and reliable psychic readings, California Psychics carry out a thorough recruitment process that involves multiple steps.

First, there is a very advanced screening test that each applicant must go through. Only qualified and skilled people get the job in this testing stage, topping up the company’s credibility. Additionally, they do identity verification on every psychic advisor, including a highly in-depth evaluation process that brings out the applicant’s skill, dependability, and persistence. Besides, the continuous customer ratings and reviews on the overall experience add to each advisor’s ranking.

The highly skilled team at California Psychics provides accurate psychic readings and impacts a positive vibe for its customers. To set the right tone right at the beginning of your session, the advisors provide unbiased readings of your future as a great head start.

In their service for the past three decades, they have gained over 2 million clients from their reliable psychic readings. Besides, it is possible to tell the joy and satisfaction of these clients based on the 5-star ratings and positive feedback they give on the company’s website.

Conversely, California Psychics offer a wide range of psychic styles to match different preferences, but mostly they have proficiency in many fortune-telling services. Their profile features readings of crystal gazing, I-chings, tarot cards, pendulums, and many more. Fortunately, you can access these services through chats and phone call sessions just the way you want.

California Psychics also have a straightforward registration process. You just need to fill in a simple form as a new customer. For customer satisfaction, they offer real-time customer support on the website anytime the customer needs it. Better still, the customer service can carry several duties on behalf of the customer if requested, such as setting up the account, repairing technical faults, and matching them with a psychic reader that best suits their interests and needs.

Special Deals

California Psychics also provides competitive market prices in offering customer satisfaction and winning a loyal customer following. Their psychic readings will not need you to rob a bank or sell your kidney. Hence, you can pay as low as $1 per minute to enjoy a fulfilling psychic reading session.

Moreover, they offer three categories for their price structure: preferred, popular, and premium. This business package gives the clients freedom to decide which convenient service by prioritizing their interests while going soft on the pocket.

Why Should You Choose California Psychics?

  • Highly experienced and skilled psychics from strict assessment
  • Uninterrupted customer care support for both local and global clients
  • Top-notch transparency and credibility
  • Prevalent for actual psychic advice
  • Affordable psychic service starting for only $1 per minute
  • New customers get the first 5-minute free reading on their first session
  • 100% refund
  • Detailed profiles on the website
  • Various services like psychic readings, styles, and more



Compared to the above psychic reading online services, Oranum offers a unique process. This process involves using video chat and tasks done through a webcam. Also, the psychic readers on this platform provide detailed and live public sessions for their customers to watch them in action weekly.

Oranum customers can use different search criteria to reduce the list of available online psychics. Tarot readings, dream analyses, love readings, and astrological readings, not to mention sound therapy, are just a few of the specialties offered. Aside from the wide range of psychic styles to select, Oranum also has psychic mediums that speak English and many other languages.

Special Deals

Oranum has a unique procedure whereby customers cannot access the regular three minutes of free time in the trial period. Alternatively, they will allow you to talk to your preferred psychic before settling your mind on them.

This ensures you build a solid connection with your reader before starting your readings. Moreover, whenever a new customer registers, they avail of a $9.99 credit. So, if you prefer a face-to-face experience with your psychic, Oranum is the best place to be!

Why Should You Choose Oranum?

  • Free credits worth $9.99 of credit
  • Face-to-face psychic readings
  • Free inquiry psychic chat rooms
  • Wide range of specialties
  • Psychic mediums for different languages

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychics

Q: What is the process of looking for an online psychic reading?

A: Because it is online, it should be easier than seeing a psychic in person. Start by browsing for a reliable platform with excellent ratings and reviews for helping and guiding people in your type of problems. Preferably, have about 4-5 options to compare their terms, benefits, features, pricing, refund policy, communication modes, and filtration process. From the five options, weed out and remain with one that best matches your needs and preferences. Go ahead and register and enjoy a life of peace and abundant joy.

Q: Are online psychics trustworthy?

A: For someone who has been to an in-person psychic, trusting an online psychic should not be difficult; the only difference is the virtual connection. Better still, if there is value for your money with accurate readings, trust should not be a problem to develop. Many people prefer online psychics for several reasons, such as:

  • They are much more comfortable for people who shy from in-person psychics
  • They provide guidance and healing within the convenience of your home or wherever with mobile apps
  • They offer affordable rates and refund policies compared to in-person psychics
  • Due to their strict hiring processes, you are safe from scammers on their websites
  • They uphold privacy, security, and anonymity

Q: How do you fully exploit your psychic reading?

A: Getting satisfaction from the answers of your psychic depends on various things. For a start, it would be best to stick to one topic at a time and exhaust all your concerns surrounding it. This way, your session will not be all-over hence systematic in solving one-by-one problems. Also, allow the psychic to take the lead to set a pace to channel their energy and focus accordingly. All through, ask any questions you have regarding the topics at hand.

The Top 6 Best Psychics Reading Sites in 2022 Parting Shot

In summary, it is undeniable that online psychic readings continue to shine a ray of hope to people who face difficult situations in their lives. Better still, the online platform for these psychic services enables convenience and quality by just using your fingertips.

As we are confident in the above top selection of online psychic reading platforms, you can go ahead and explore each in-depth and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Whatever you face, please find comfort in our online psychic readers and enjoy your life as you deserve.

Remember that you hold the key to your inner peace despite life’s imperfections. Happy reading!


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