Redmond Police continue partnerships with local businesses to deter shoplifting

In 2022 there have been 355 reported retail theft incidents, according to the RPD.

As property crimes have grown throughout the state, officers from the Redmond Police Department are continuing to partner with local stores to combat the rise in theft. In recent operations that involved business partners Target, Kohl’s and Fred Meyer, RPD yielded 13 detainments and 11 arrests.

Over $5,000 in merchandise was recovered during the emphasis operations, according to RPD. Redmond officers also recovered a loaded firearm, about 100 grams of Fentanyl pills, and made a DUI arrest.

On July 28, officers parked their vehicles outside of the businesses to deter thieves, yet despite police presence, eight suspects shoplifted from two stores over the course of several hours, according to RPD. As a result, 5 individuals were arrested and charged with theft; two of the suspects had outstanding warrants that included previous incidents of theft, stated RPD. One of the suspects was able to elude police, since under current laws, police officers are not allowed to pursue suspects when involved in property crimes.

A shoplifting emphasis was also conducted on May 26, which led to six arrests and theft charges. According to RPD, several suspects were carrying tools such as screwdrivers and snippers, which are frequently used to break open locked containers and remove security devices.

“Redmond has experienced a surge in retail theft in recent years,” said Chief Darrell Lowe. “Retail stores alone lose thousands of dollars a month from shoplifting. We are doing our part to deter thieves by making arrests and charging individuals for their crimes. We also continually work with prosecutors to ensure there is accountability for repeat offenders.”

In 2021, 431 shoplifting incidents were reported which resulted in over $330,000 in losses, according to RPD. So far in 2022 there have been 355 reported retail theft incidents valuing over $283,000 in losses. RPD stated how the majority of these thefts are from department stores that participated in the operation.

RPD will continue to collaborate with business partners to deter, prevent and arrest those who commit crime in the city. Residents are reminded not to leave valuables in their vehicles, and suspicious activity and crime can be reported to the Redmond Police non-emergency line at 425-556-2500.