BioRecharge Reviews – Is New Medical Sciences Bio Recharge Legit?

Many people believe that weight gain has got something to do with age, genetics, and diets. Although there might be some truth to it, several studies have proved it is usually not the main reason people gain weight or find it hard to lose weight.

The truth is that many people who have tried several weight loss methods are questioning the reason for their weight gain, but they cannot find answers. If this is you, do not worry because BioRecharge is here to help you melt excess calories whether you are young or old. The supplement is safe and has worked for people who had more than 100 pounds to lose. This review will help you understand the reason behind your weight gain and how it works.

The Science behind BioRecharge; How It Works

BioRecharge is a breakthrough formula that boosts your metabolism naturally, allowing you to burn body fat. The exciting part is that the supplement eliminates excess fat even when you are sitting. There is no need to spend hours in the gym, restricting your diet, or count calories. So, how does it do this?

Before you get to know the secret behind this powerful formula, you need to know that the toxic levels of neuropeptide-Y cause unwanted weight gain. The hormone attaches itself to your fat cells, making your body produce millions of them. This means that when your neuropeptide-Y is high, you will find it hard to lose weight, and the worst part is that it causes fat to accumulate in your belly.

The only way to stop the neuropeptide-Y hormone from taking control is to use the BioRecharge formula. It contains all the ingredients that will curb this problem and allow you to burn excess body fat.

Ingredients Used in BioRecharge


Resveratrol is an essential ingredient that plays a huge role in lowering the neuropeptide-Y levels. It is considered a staple food in the French, and most people believe it is why the French are thin even when they eat unhealthy diets.

Studies prove that resveratrol is an inhibitor of neuropeptide-Y, which makes it effective in positively changing blood fats. The National Institutes of Health also show that the ingredient reduces body weight and cholesterol level while increasing good HDL Cholesterol. This happens because resveratrol affects the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production.


Berberine is yet another ingredient that prevents the buildup of body fat, and apart from that, it has plenty of other benefits. It can quickly help you lose excess fat and gain a smaller waist due to its effect on neuropeptide-Y. Studies also show that Berberine is suitable for boosting insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance without interfering with food intake.


EGCG is usually found in Green tea and can naturally help you burn excess fat while increasing your metabolism. There is no need to do intense exercise or count calories as the ingredient will still eliminate body fat whether you are standing, sitting, or walking. The component functions well by boosting the production of the hormone norepinephrine.

The hormone reduces calories and fat in the most stubborn areas like the belly, thighs, and arms. Apart from that, EGCG contains antioxidant which helps your skin stay healthy and firm.

Alpha Lipoic

Alpha Lipoic or ALA is also referred to as a universal antioxidant. It is commonly used in reducing body weight and lowering blood sugar levels. According to the National Institutes of Health, the component minimizes the activity of the AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK, which is an enzyme found in the brain’s hypothalamus.

The AMPK usually increases the feeling of hunger when it is active, but when suppressed, it boosts your body’s ability to burn calories when you are at rest.


Chromium also comes as a great addition to the formulas as it controls metabolism, reduces food cravings and inflammation. This means it can significantly help you burn body fat. Other benefits of this ingredient include; managing diabetes, boosting body composition, and minimizing levels of blood lipids.


Zinc is suitable for improving metabolism, supporting thyroid health, digestion, and aid fat-burning hormones. It also promotes healthy blood sugar levels by allowing the cells to utilize the sugars from the food so that it does not buildup in your blood.


This is the last ingredient added to the BioRecharge. It is a natural pepper that supports weight loss by increasing your body temperature. This, in turn, speeds your metabolism, allowing you to melt body fat quickly and easily.

Other ingredients Used

  • Holy Thistle: Boosts fat loss
  • Banaba Plant Extract: Prevents the formation of fat molecules
  • Panax Ginseng: Improves mood and energy levels

Benefits of BioRecharge

BioRecharge is an easy-to-swallow supplement that will help you burn excess fat in the body. The Ingredients used are sourced from natural plants, and there is nothing to worry about as it has been well-tested. Here are some of the things you will experience while using the supplement;

  • It reduces food cravings
  • Your skin will glow
  • It promotes better sleep
  • Boosts mood patterns
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improved sex drive and libido

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used BioRecharge have incredible things to say about the product as it has proven to work as promised. The good news is that none of the users have complained of any side effects, proving that the supplement is safe and effective.

Many customers say that the formula increases energy levels and improves general health. For example, Kevin says he has struggled to lose weight for years, but the moment he found BioRecharge, he gave it a try, which changed his life. He further adds that it is the best supplement he has ever used. Daniel Wallace also says the supplement helped him, his wife, and several others. To see other customer reviews head to the official site.

How Much is BioRecharge?

BioRecharge is only sold on the official website and comes at a massive discount. The formula is currently offered in three different packages, and you can get as many as you want. Here they are;

  • BioRecharge Most Popular Pack – 240-day supply @ $24.95/each
  • BioRecharge Good Value Pack – 120-day supply @ $33.50/each
  • BioRecharge Sample Pack – 30-day supply@ $67.00

The good news is that it is a risk-free investment as you have been given a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for every package your purchase. The payment methods are also safe and secure.


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